Do you want to buy shoes that give your personality an epic look? If yes, then these best formal shoe brands in India have many shoes that might peak your interests. The shoes you choose for yourself give an image of your personality.

Best formal shoes brand in india

The footwears sometimes don’t last for a longer time due to its poor quality. Also, their design and colour faded away and lost their value. Local brands don’t have versatility and durability, and ultimately, they are uncomfortable to wear.

These best Indian brands offer shoes that have incredible values and are hassle-free to walk on. Now, let’s get a worthy pick for you to wear!

10 Best Formal Shoe Brands in India – Detailed Reviews


Red Tape brand is known to have an Indian owner conglomerate Mirza International who works hard to launch a red tape brand in the UK. He succeeded in his aim of getting a flagship of red tape brand in 1996 in the UK. Since then, Red tape became the first Indian shoe brand to enter the UK’s global market.


This brand did not compromise its market value as they try harder to keep up with trends and fashions. They make designs and styles that have quality standards to be accepted in the global market. They sell their shoes in France, the US, West Asia, Germany, and South Africa.


Red tape undoubtedly has great quality in its versatile crafting and designing of shoes. This brand offers unbeatable durability and comfort. It provides shoes made of fine material that have an affordable price. In 2006, they introduced many item categories for men, women, and children.

They provide a variety of products like denim, trousers, jackets, T-shirts, and other accessories. Also, it offers to have a wide range of casual footwear.


When the demand for high-quality leather footwear at an affordable price arose, Leayan global Pvt, Ltd was introduced under the “Red Chief” brand in 1995. They make an incredible growth record in the next years.

With their continuous struggle, they managed to attain great achievements and made their name in the leather industry.


This brand has great value due to its high-quality leather and is considered the seventh-best shoe brand in India. They manufacture and sell leather shoes and have their tannery and 5 production factories. Red chief has a turnover of 150 crores in the financial year of 2010-2011.


Red chief is known to be a leather-centric brand with a variety of styles in their leather shoes. They provide comfort and excellent durability to your foot. Also, they have a large collection of rubber shoes which gives smooth running.

They offer you the most affordable price for good performance leather shoes that no other brand could match up.


Lee Cooper is well known due to its variety of shoes, apparel, and accessories in 70 different countries worldwide. They established this brand in 1908 in London, united states. Their shoes were always trendy and first-class, that’s why preferable by many people to buy.


Lee Cooper is one of the best brands with a variety of formal leather shoes, flip flops, casual shoes, and winter shoes of great value. They make sure to sell which are up to the mark with great range for men, women, and children. This brand gives you the confidence to walk with style and class.


This brand has shoes with reliable rubber soles with powerful traction that are perfect if you are planning to go hiking or any adventure. They provide you with comfort and ease while you walk or run due to their flexibility and durability.

Besides being classy and stylish, they also come in various colours like dark grey, brown, olive green, and black.


Bata is known to be the first company that made Indian shoes by a machine in 1942. Tomas Bata introduced this brand in Moravian town located in Austria -Hungary on 24 August 1894. But with time, their hard work pays off, and Bata became the prime manufacturer in India.


Today this brand in India is well known due to its huge network of over 1375 stores. No other brand could match Bata’s standard. Its outlets are also available in 650 cities in India due to its great value. The net worth of this brand is 1746.53 crores.


Bata is the most loved brand for the Indian community due to its trust in its customers. Furthermore, they have versatility in their shoe designs which are durable for long periods. The most important Bata shoes are budget-friendly, which makes them more preferable.

Bata has its name in the market due to the comfort their shoes provide, and they have a wide collection for men, women, and children.


Woodland is known for its strong and sturdy formal shoes. This brand started its journey in 1992, after separation from Aero Club they introduced themselves in Canada with a new brand name “Woodland” known for its rough and tough shoes.

This brand also introduced the first hand made shoe, which takes this brand’s worth to high levels. Initially, this brand had 3 stores in New Delhi in India.


Woodland brand has its tanning leather units and many facilities for shoe production in India, Malaysia, China, and many more. Also, this brand has 350 outlets in the whole world and 3000 brand stores in different countries. They aim to increase their net worth to 2500 crores.


Woodland’s inspired the people due to its high quality, durability, and decent designs. It encourages the adventurers to take strong steps towards their destination with these tough and sturdy shoes. Also, this brand maintains a balance between function and fashion.


Wolverine World Wide had made extreme efforts to manufacture a durable shoe for the US military and finally succeeded in introducing “Hush Puppies” in Chicago in 1958. The brand gained popularity in 1995 as famous stars wore the footwear. They launched the first store of hush puppies in India at Rajpur Road, Dehradun.


Hushpuppies is a multinational brand that sold 17 million shoes in a year to 165 different countries. This brand likes to surprise people with Scotchgard and Zero G. They introduced many technologies that make their shoes hassle-free, more cushioned, and reliable for customers.


They make sure to provide high quality with no break-in. These shoes are long-lasting and lightweight with a shock absorber midsole which increases the comfort level. Its leather doesn’t get stain easily and also is water-resistant due to the use of Scotchgard.

This brand has versatility in its traditional designs that nicely go with any outfit present in your closet.


Liberty is known to be one of the top Indian shoe makers due to its quality products. Back then, this brand was known as Pal boot House and founded by Dharam Pal Gupta, Purshotam Das, and Rajkumar Bansal in 1954. The brand was label as “Liberty shoes” in 1964 and got its first order to export to the global market.


This brand offers to have stylish shoes for fashion-conscious people for over 60 years now. They have come a long way of continuous struggle and are now considered one of the top 5 leading industries of leather shoes worldwide. The annual turnover of this brand is INR.600 crore and has outlets in 25 different countries.


If you want formal footwear with a decent style, then liberty shoes are the best choice for you. They offer you many options in men, women, and kids’ collection. Every element used in its manufacturing has a good quality, so they are considered among top Indian shoemakers.


This brand was named after its founder in 1825. They were two brothers James and Cyrus Clarks who introduced this brand in Somerset, England. They reach the height of success in 1950 with its best-selling “Desert boot”. After many years of trading, Clarks now has more than 30 stores in India.


Clarks have great market value due to its amazing designs that are a must for fashion-conscious people. This brand has more than 1000 stores globally and sold 5o million pairs of shoes in different countries. They manufacture a variety of shoe styles like sandals, sneakers, loafers, etc.


In the aspect of comfortability, Clarks is considered the best formal shoe brand in India. They felt so comfortable when you take a walk on the road and gives you a classic look due to its leather upper.

These shoes have high-quality Eva heels and a sole unit with cushioned foam. Moreover, it provides a professional due to its simple and elegant designs that no other brand could match.


Bugatti is an international brand and established in Switzerland in 1941. Many amazing designers from Italy, Germany, and Spain have made the exceptional design of Bugatti shoes. While its upper leather and soles come from Europe and finally the shoe was assembled in China and India to shipped back to different countries.


Bugatti brand makes sure to respond quickly to the requirements of the market. They fulfil the needs of their customers and satisfy them. Also, it has an above-average success rate annually, which proves its continuous hard work. They sell to European countries like North America and China.


This brand provides the utmost comfort to its customers with great performance. The shoes are trendy and have a wide range of designs, that’s why people never lost interest in them. Bugatti shoes remain durable for a longer period due to the quality fibres present in the leather.

The leather used in the shoes is nature friendly as it won’t harm the environment when the shoes are disposed of.


This brand is owned by a Major Indian Corporate named Aditya Birla Group and was established in 1989. Louis Philippe is popular due to its wide variety of informal men’s shoes. They also offer to have a complete collection for menswear in every possible category that leads its popularity to the next level.


The Indian corporate group decided to strengthen their brand. So, they introduce formal shoes in their menswear category and invest 7 crore rupees for this. This brand has 30 outlets in different cities of the country. Also, it aims to increase its success rate to Rs. 100 crores annually.


This brand ensures to provide comfort to the users due to its high-quality material. The fitting is superb and felt like it specially made for you. These shoes have a stylish and classic look that never gets out of fashion. Moreover, they are breathable and lightweight so can be wear for a long time.

Which Formal Shoe Brand You Should Choose?

What should you keep in mind while choosing the best formal shoes brands in India? We are providing you with a guide to select the best brands that manufacture shoes in India. Branded shoes promise a long life, but they are costly too. They are not bought again and again because they can affect your budget.

It would help if you kept in mind your requirements and style that you want to wear and then select the brand. In present times, everyone is becoming brand conscious. People want to wear shoes that are branded instead of buying them from local stores. It has an advantage too. Brands provide a quality product because people trust their names.

But it could be ambiguous for a person what brand they should choose while buying shoes. Comfort always comes first, and you should consider this while choosing the brand for buying formal shoes. We provide a buying guide that you should go through once or twice to select the shoe brand. We hope that it would be helpful for you in choosing the right product.

1.The Brand You Had Already Tried.

If you are looking for a formal shoe brand, then to avoid any confusion, you should choose the brand that you had already tried. People keep visiting the outlets or online websites of their favourite brands, and they already know which pair of formal shoes they would like. Moreover, once you tried that brand and see that it delivers quality products, you can choose it again.

Otherwise, go for another brand to have a new experience and explore the shoes according to your requirement, keeping in view what you like or dislike respectively. Many different brands in India produce good quality shoes that you can choose for other events.   We suggest you pick your formal shoe brand wisely. Many people in India prefer Bata, Hushpuppies and Bugatti for buying their shoes.

2.Trust On Manufacturer

Formal shoes are all about genuine lather that gives that extra shine and traditional classy look. Your trust in the manufacturer depends on their artistry and the material they use during the processing of formal shoes. Nowadays, in the market, many variants of lather have been produced. The quality of proper shoes from a brand depends on the raw material that had been used.

People are very conscious about the origin and durability of lather being used in formal shoes making. Only some of them are aware of the difference between faux leather and highly fine lather. So we suggest you choose the top brands that offer genuine leather shoes with a replacement guarantee. Many top brands in India such as Liberty, Clarks, Woodland and Red chief, manufacture quality leather shoes.

3.Your Comfort First

While buying formal shoes, you must know how long you have to use them and for what purpose you are accepting those. Mostly proper shoes are believed to wear at the office, meetings and formal dinners if you choose shoes for office than you should go for both comfort and style because you may have to stand for longer times, so shoes with flat heels are the best for this purpose.

If you are choosing them for formal dinners, then you can choose style over comfort. You can select one cut lather shoes for events like these they look great and comfortable too. You can select Red Chief, Woodland and Lee Copper for buying comfortable formal shoes.

4.Shoe Style

It is important to choose the right style for your formal shoes. Sometimes, when you work in an office, it involves walking and standing for long times to choose formal slipper shoes, boots, boat shoes, or traditional sneakers for this purpose. Loafers also look great when you wear them for the office. Brogues are great for wearing during hectic works.

Many brands in India manufacture shoes with great quality, style and comfort. You can choose the shoes that suit you according to your own choice, trust on brands and the brands you have already tried. We suggest you buy your shoes from Red Chief, Clark and Liberty. Bata is also the best brand to purchase shoes at affordable rates.


1.Why most people in India choose Bata for buying formal shoes?

Bata is the most affordable brand in India. They have a good reputation in the market and produce all kinds of formal shoes. Bata covers all range of prices. Its shoes are equally suitable for business class and middle-class people. That makes it the best brand and most people in India choose Bata for buying formal shoes.

2.Which brand in India is famous for Derby shoes?

Clark shoe brand in India is famous for making Derby shoes. Their shoes are of great quality, and they say that we use genuine leather in the manufacture of Derby shoes. They are available in all colours and various styles and are mostly chosen by business class in India.

3.Which brand in India has formals shoes of all prices?

The brand that is affordable for all is considered the best brand. Clark India is famous for producing quality shoes of all styles. The amazing thing about this brand is that it makes shoes of all ranges that are affordable for common people too.

4.What makes Red tape a good brand for formal shoes in India?

Red Tape in India is working for about 25 years. This brand never compromises for style, even if the price of the shoe is low. It makes luxury shoes like all other brands in India, but the best thing about Red tape is that they consider affordability first. They have all designs of formal shoes with high quality and styles regardless of low prices.

5.Why is Louis Philippe considered a status symbol in India?

Louis Philippe is one of the best formal shoes brands in India. It produces shoes of the latest style and provides a quality product in India that is why it is known as a status symbol and brand of youth in India. You can buy trendy shoes from this brand that is famous for its lifestyle products.

6.Which brand is the best for buying shoes for outdoor usage?

Woodland is the best brand for buying formal outdoor shoes because it manufactures tough and ideal outdoor usage shoes. They specialize in winter boots and produce all kinds of other proper shoes too. Due to their unique design, they are the best among the top brands in India.

7.Which brand in India produces high weight shoes?

Lee copper is the best brand in India, famous for producing high weighted shoes. It never compromises on quality and style although their prices of shoes are low. This brand is affordable for all and produces high-quality classy shoes in India.

8.Which top brand is famous in most states of India?

Red chief is famous for producing quality products. It is one of the best brands in India. Red chief shoes are recognised in 16 states of India, and it is widely used among all classes of people. It produces shoes that are durable, affordable and stylish that is the reason for its success.

9.Which shoe brand is famous for producing lightweight shoes in India?

Hushpuppies are one of the most affordable brands in India. This brand’s speciality is that it produces lightweight shoes with the best quality that everyone can afford. With a moisture management system informal shoes, it is one of the best brands in India.

10.What are the top three brands of India for buying formal shoes?

Red Chief, Clark and Bata are the most used brands in India. They are famous for producing quality shoes that are durable, stylish and affordable for all age groups. You can rely on these three brands for buying the best formal shoes in 2021.


We have provided you with the buying guide for choosing the best formal shoes brands in India in this article. You can go through it and choose the best brand that has been mentioned in the list. It is now easy for you to buy the brand’s shoes that well suits your style, budget and requirement.

You must go through the list first and then decide which shoes suit you the best. We suggest you consider your comfort first and then go for the shoes that make you look presentable. Go through the list and guide and decide which brand you are going to choose.