Are you a marathon newbie struggling to find a perfect pair of marathon shoes? As a marathon runner, you may need an ideal pair to cover long distances without any difficulty. Best shoes for marathons are nowadays a demand for every runner to boost up their performance.

best shoes for marathon

As a marathon runner, you may need a firm enough material to allow speedy push-off mile after mile, sufficient softness to cushion intolerant roadway, and the one that will last long. To find such best shoes for a marathon, go through this guide and get the durability and comfortability together:

Top 10 Best Shoes for Marathon – Quick Comparison

Model NameModel ImageScoreCheck price
new balance Men's 500 Classic Running Shoenew-balance-Men's-500-Classic-Running-Shoe-(1)9.4/10Check on Amazon
Nike Men's Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running ShoesNike-Men's-Air-Zoom-Pegasus-36-Running-Shoes-(2)9.2/10Check on Amazon
Adidas Men's Ultraboost 20 Running ShoesAdidas-Men's-Ultraboost-20-Running-Shoes9.2/10Check on Amazon
ASICS Men's Gel-Contend 4 Running ShoesASICS-Men's-Gel-Contend-4-Running-Shoes-(2)9.2/10Check on Amazon
NIKE Men's Zoom Winflo 5 Running ShoesNIKE-Men's-Zoom-Winflo-5-Running-Shoes9.0/10Check on Amazon
Skechers Men's Go Run Razor 3 ShoesSkechers-Men's-Go-Run-Razor-3-Shoes9.0/10Check on Amazon
Puma Men's Nrgy Neko Engineer Knit Running ShoePuma-Men's-Nrgy-Neko-Engineer-Knit-Running-Shoe9.0/10Check on Amazon
Puma Unisex's Flyer Runner Running ShoesPuma-Unisex's-Flyer-Runner-Running-Shoes-(1)8.8/10Check on Amazon
Nike Men's Odyssey React 2 Flyknit Running ShoesNike-Men's-Odyssey-React-2-Flyknit-Running-Shoes8.8/10Check on Amazon
Skechers Men's Go Ride 7 Running ShoesSkechers-Men's-Go-Ride-7-Running-Shoes8.8/10Check on Amazon

Best Shoes for Marathon – Detailed Reviews

1.Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36:

Nike men’s air zoom Pegasus 36 is a model from the mind-blowing series of Zoom running shoes. Zoom Pegasus 36 comes with an extra cushion and noticeable pop due to its Air Zoom spongy midsole. This pair will offer you running without any pauses; due to visible bounce. The cushion foam of the shoes is comfortable and firmer enough than other running shoes.

Image Credit: Amazon India

Highlighted Features:

Perfect cushion:

The air zoom foamy midsole provides you with extra cushion and a striking bounce for running fast without any obstacle and reaches the finish line.

Comfortable fit:

Comfortability is another factor that is necessary for the marathon. Peg 36 offers you a comfortable fit and enables you to run without any blisters.


Nike peg 36 is at the top also because of its lightweight; it will never let you feel any burden on your feet while running.


  • Light-weighted.
  • Bouncy
  • Ready-to-run wear.


  • Insufficient breathability.

2.Puma Unisex’s Flyer Runner:

Puma unisex’s flyer runner comes with a light foam midsole to provide a high cushion and an energetic performance. The shoes are composed of mesh material that offers a breathable performance and keeps your feet cool and heat resistant. This pair of running shoes provide comfortability and lightweight together for high performance.

Image Credit: Amazon India

Highlighted Features:

Mesh material:

These sneakers are made up of mesh fabric that offers unique properties to your shoes like breathability, lightweight, and comfort.

Extra cushion:

The airy and foamy midsole offers extra cushion to your performance. Due to the midsole, you can feel your performance speedy and light; and reach the finish line without any gaps.


As the shoes comprise mesh fabric, they are light-weighted and airy. You will not even feel anything on your feet during your race. Make performance airy by Puma Flyer Runner.


  • Comfortable fit.
  • Elegant style.
  • Light and airy.


  • Too soft.

3.Nike Men’s Zoom Winflo5:

Get comfort with a sleek style during running.  Zoom Winflo5 running shoes are a sturdy and long-lasting product that offers a light performance and perfect cushion. These running shoes offer great comfortability and an ideal fit to boost up your account.

The small tiny holes on the top part of the shoes enable breathable performance and keep it moisture-free. The ample support at the back of the shoe offers you any injury-free and painless performance.

Image Credit: Amazon India

Highlighted Features:

Synthetic Material:

The synthetic fabric of Winflo5 offers you and sturdy and durable property to your shoes. It makes your shoe airy and breathable for the runner.


The comfortability of shoes is quite an essential factor for marathon shoes. Winflo5 builds up comfortability around your feet to perform your best.


Due to the shoes’ synthetic material, it is pretty light in weight just like a feather that you don’t feel any burden.


  • Breathability
  • Comfortable
  • Suitable for other activities.


  • Expensive

4.Adidas Men’s Ultra-boost20:

Adidas ultra-boost20 boot up your performance and helps to run fast without any difficulty. Consider these shoes to make your performance better, comfortable, and stylish. These running shoes offer great comfortability and a perfect fit for the runner. These shoes have a padded heel for a bouncy performance and run like a pro without any pause. It provides freshness to the feet and resists the heat for unshakable performance.

Image Credit: Amazon India

Highlighted Features:


These running shoes offer great comfortability and a perfect fit around the feet of a runner. These will make you comfortable during the whole practice.


The textile fabric of the shoes provides a breathable factor. The tiny holes on the top and sides offer airy and heat-free trails.

Sufficient support:

Adidas ultra-boost20 offers padded high heels to the pop-up performance. It also provides ankle support to prevent injuries.


  • Ideal fit.
  • Heat resistant.
  • High padded heels.


  • A bit heavy.

5.Nike Men’s Odyssey’s React2 Flyknit:

Nike odyssey’s react2 fly knit put forward the bouncy performance due to the react-foam midsole. It provides excellent comfortability and a perfect fit around the foot just like a glove. These running shoes will boost up your performance and add a noticeable pop-up. It comes in various colours and synthetic fabrics that offer the light, airy property to the runner’s shoes. Odyssey’s react2 provides ample support to prevent injuries and offers blister-free trails.

Image Credit: Amazon India

Highlighted Features:

Pop-up performance:

These running shoes offer a striking performance due to their react-foam midsole that offers extra cushion and bounce backs to provide obstacle-free accounts.


These running shoes are light in weight that the runner performs any pauses-free trails and never feels any burden on his feet during the marathon.


Due to the synthetic fabric of the shoes, it offers an airy light and relaxed performance. The small holes on shoes allow air to come in.



Light and airy.




6.Sketcher’s Men’s Go Run Razor3:

Sketcher’s go run razor3 is specifically for covering long distances and speedy performances. These marathon shoes provide a secure and comfortable fit and help to reduce the pressure. The foamy midsole offers striking trails and bounces backs for speedy performance. The textile fabric offers sturdy and breathable properties to the shoes at the same time. The textile fabric supports the variations and keeps the temperature of the boots moderate.

Image Credit: Amazon India

Highlighted Features:

Foamy midsole:

The shoes’ midsole comprises sturdy foam that helps to bounce back when running and offers speedy and striking performances with any difficulty.

Temperature control:

The textile material of Go Run Razor3 offers moderate temperature to your feet. It also helps in resisting the heat and keeping the moisture out.


The shoes are light in weight to perform correctly and covering distance speedily. They let your feet feel light make the performance trouble-free.


  • Reduces pressure.
  • Temperature control.
  • Breathable


  • Not so elegant.

7.Sketcher’s Men’s Go Ride7:

Sketcher’s go ride7 is a lightweight knit upper and highly cushioned running shoe. It offers sock-like fitting around the foot and a temperate control property due to breathable knits. This will secure your foot correctly and offer some expansion due to the flexible knit. These running shoes are more durable and provide extra cushioning for noticeable pop-ups. It gives a pretty smooth performance with comfortability, durability, and breathability.

Image Credit: Amazon India

Highlighted Features:

Sufficient support:

Go ride7 offers ample support for ankle and heel twisting. It provides a foamy rubber midsole that offers painless and injury-free practices.


These shoes offer flexibility due to the upper knits. It will provide you with a complete fit around the toe and provides flexibility for a comfortable fit.


The shoes’ upper knits enable the cool air to enter and keep the toe fresh and odour-free.


  • Knits
  • Washable
  • Sleek design.


  • Not much sturdy.

8.Puma Men’s Nrgy Neko Engineering Knit:

These running shoes offer great comfortability and a flexible fit to your feet. Nrgy knit shoes have quite a sturdy midsole that offers excellent pop-ups when running. It provides ample support to prevent injury and pain when running for a marathon. These shoes are the perfect cushion provider for upgraded performance. Nrgy Neko is smooth in sliding on and off the boots every time and durable for a long time.

Image Credit: Amazon India

Highlighted features:

Soft Foam:

Nrgy running shoes comprise soft foam to run speedily without any difficulty. It offers extra cushion and bounces backs, to the runner to perform without pauses.

Temperature controls:

These shoes control the temperature of the shoes. It helps to keep the heat away from the toe and makes the toe moisture-free and fresh.


It helps you to perform your best by securing your feet and gives a comfortable fit around the toe just like a glove.


  • Perfect cushion.
  • Breathable
  • Noticeable pop-ups.


  • Not water-resistant.

9.ASICS Men’s Gel-Contend4:

ASICS men’s gel contend4 comes in a variety of colours and features. These running shoes offer great comfortability and a perfect fit around the toe. The material is pretty breathable and easy to clean. It provides an extra cushion for speedy performance due to the sturdy midsole. The tiny holes on the top and side parts let the air come in and keep the feet cool. These running shoes are light in weight and help you to fly in the air.

Image Credit: Amazon India

Highlighted Features:


Asics gel contend4 comes with lightweight to feel comfortable while running. It will help you to cover your distance speedily and smoothly.

Convenient to clean:

It is relatively easy to keep these shoes new deodorize them daily to maintain their shape, and clean the dry dirt with a clean cloth.

Great Cushion:

The sturdy rubber midsole generates more cushion as compared to other shoes and offers unique pop-ups when running.


  • Sturdy.
  • Moderate temperate.
  • High quality.


  • Too vibrant colours.

10. New Balance Men’s 500 Classic:

New Balance 500Classic is a high-quality pair of running shoes that provides flexibility and comfortability to your shoes. This pair of running shoes is extraordinarily cushiony and helps to run without any gap. These shoes are breathable and help to keep the temperature of feet moderate. The product is convenient to clean with only one wipe. These running shoes have padded heel and ankle support to help you prevent any damage.

Image Credit: Amazon India

Highlighted features:

Eva Material:

New Balance 500Classic comprises Eva material that helps prevent the wrinkles and cracks on the shoes for an extended period.


These running shoes provide extra cushion during practice due to their blown rubber midsole. It helps the runner to run fast without breaks.

Ample Support:

Gel contend4 supports the heel and ankle to avoid any damage and helps the runner run fast without blisters.


  • Lightweight
  • Wrinkle-free.
  • Extreme cushiony.


  • Not water-resistant.

Buying Guide: Finding the Best Shoes for Marathon

When it comes to running in a marathon, a good pair of running shoes must-have. People generally have a misconception that the most comfortable pair of shoes would be best for the marathon, but that is not the case.

Therefore, one needs to be watchful while searching for running shoes because they tend to have different requirements than the rest of the shoes. Based on these requirements, we have reviewed some of the best shoes for the marathon.

Furthermore, whenever you decide to purchase a pair of marathon shoes, look for these characteristics, and you will end up with the best team of marathon shoes.


Marathon is a long-distance race with an unforgivable pavement. Your feet will get tired after a little run so it better to look for shoes that will go easy on you. The amount of cushioning, more significant the impact protection, will lead to an injury-free running experience.

A pair of shoes with excellent cushioning helps your foot absorb the shock caused due to running. Although the cushioning depends on the rolling motion of your feet. So to avoid such injuries, look for shoes that come with a fair amount of cushioning.


Fitting comes as the most important thing while looking for marathon shoes. Running with a shoe that does not fit your feet will lead you to a higher chance of injury. The proper fit would be in which there is “one thumb gap width” between the end of the shoe and your toe.

Look for a marathon shoe, in which your foot will be centred on the “platform of the shoe” if you want to the best pair of marathon shoes than go for the shoes that fit perfectly, neither too tight nor too loose.


Running is already a tiring activity in itself, and a heavy pair of shoes can prove to be a worse experience for you. A couple of lighter shoes would be more flexible; thus, your shoes will not be a hurdle in your race.

Lightweight shoes come with ample cushioning, which makes them flexible enough so that you will not only feel comfortable but also you will not feel any fatigue or pain after your running session.

While buying marathon shoes, search for shoes that are light in weight and have flexible cushioning. This is important to look for because heavy shoes will not be comfortable and will proof as a hurdle while you are running. Buy shoes that are light in weight but of excellent quality.

Durable outer sole

Marathons are long-lasting and if you do not want your shoes to get worn out during the middle of the race, then look for a pair of shoes with a durable outer console. To be more specific, look for shoes with a solid rubber sole than a shoe with an outer-sole made of blown rubber.

Although the solid rubber outer-sole will make the shoes heavy, they are a good pair of shoes for a long-distance running session. These shoes will also come in handy during the summer season marathon on a “red-hot” asphalt.

Comfortable toe box

During a long-distance run like a marathon, there are greater chances that the feet will swell up. A comfortable wide toe box works great in such situations. No matter how cool or stylish the shoes look. Always keep comfort first because your convenience should matter.

If you are going to buy marathon shoes, look for shoes that come with a wide toe box so that if your feet got swollen, you would not feel uncomfortable due to your shoes’ tightness. This is one of the essential features to look for in a marathon shoe.


Everyone has a different type of feet, each with a different running style. Thus every human needs other shoes based on their feet and running kind. For instance, a person with neutral feet requires shoes with “medium heel cushioning” and “medium support”.

A person with over-pronated feet should go for shoes with motion control and stability. Lastly, a person with under-pronated feet requires a pair of running shoes that “cushioning and quick heel to toe traction”. You should not your feet type before buying marathon shoes so that you could buy the shoes that suit your feet the most.


1.Do you need special shoes for running?

Marathon shoes are different from other shoes as they need to be comfortable and should adequately fit the feet to avoid injuries while running.

2.Are cushioned shoes good for running?

Cushioning of the shoes helps the runner to prevent injury when the foot hits the ground with such a significant impact while running.

3.What makes shoes suitable for running?

Running shoes are designed differently. They tend to have more material under their heel as compared to other shoes. The material helps in shock absorption and prevent any injury during running.

4.Should you buy running shoes a size bigger?

While looking for marathon shoe, try to look for half size more giant shoes not to feel discomfort and your feet won’t get blisters while running. And it will also help your feet to spread out if they get swelled.

5.Which shoes are best for long-distance running?

Saucony Triumph 18, HOKA Clifton 7, Mizuno Wave Rider 24, ASICS GEL-Kayano 27, HOKA Speedgoat 4, Brooks Glycerin 18, Karhu Ikoni 2020, and New Balance FuelCell TC are few the best shoes for a long-distance run.

6.Which brand of shoes are best for a marathon?

Marathon shoes have quite different features from other shoes. Based on these features Nike, Puma, Adidas, ASICS, and Skechers are a few of the brands that offer great shoes for a marathon.

7.What shoes do marathon runners wear?

Marathon specific shoes tend to be light in weight, cushioned, versatile, and a smooth heel to toe transition. Based on these specifications, Brooks Ghost 12, Asics Gel Nimbus 22, Nike React Miler, Asics Gel Kayano 26, and Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 are a few of the best marathon shoes.


8.How many miles should I have on my shoes before a marathon?

On the day of the marathon, wear shoes that have at least 40 to 50 miles on them and have enough cushioning left in them but it would best if you buy a new pair of shoes three weeks before the marathon different long and short runs in them.


9.How to Choose Marathon Shoes?

The best way to choose marathon shoes is to look for shoes that a thumb width between the end of the shoe and top of your toe. Before buying the shoe, make sure that it has enough space for the toes to spread out in case of any swelling.

10.Are more expensive running shoes better?

It is not essential that expensive marathon shoes would proof great for you. Sometime s they end up tremendous but mostly worse. Look for shoes that are comfortable for you, and there are cheaper shoes that provide comfort too.



To sum-up, people often confuse regular shoes with marathon shoes. Marathon shoes tend to have some specific features which are not present in other shoes. Therefore, it is essential to consider these features if you want to buy the marathon’s best shoes. For your assistance, we have reviewed some of the best marathon shoes.

Check these shoes out and find what you are looking for in marathon shoes. Moreover, there a few considerations that you have to keep in mind while purchasing marathon shoes. These characteristics will help you to get the best pair of marathon shoes for you.