Are you a Volleyball enthusiast? You are in the right place to find the best shoes for volleyball to boost your game. When you are playing volleyball with suitable footwear, you will not only support your sporting performance but also protect your feet from injuries and unnecessary falls. While Volleyball playing is an activity that involves jumping and running around the court, you need solid quality shoes that are shock absorbent, lightweight and flexible.

Essentially not all shoes are suitable for playing Volleyball. If you play Volleyball regularly or occasionally, buying the best Volleyball Shoes is a great investment you can make for yourself. We have come up with a list of the 10 Best Volleyball Shoes and reviewed them with their pros and cons. Based on your budget and preferences, choose any of the shoes mentioned below and get the best value for your money.

Top Best Shoes for Volleyball – Quick Comparison

Model NameModel ImageScoreCheck price
ASICS Gel-Rocket 9ASICS-Gel-Rocket-98/10Check on Amazon
ASICS Men's Upcourt 4 Indoor Court ShoesASICS-Men's-Upcourt-4-Indoor-Court-Shoes-(1)8.6/10Check on Amazon
Skechers Men's Burst Tr - Coram Indoor Multisport Court ShoesSkechers-Men's-Burst-Tr---Coram-Indoor-Multisport-Court-Shoes8.6/10Check on Amazon
Puma Unisex Rise XT 3 Bleu Azur-Red Blast BlackPuma-Unisex-Rise-XT-3-Bleu-Azur-Red-Blast-Black9.2/10Check on Amazon
Adidas Men's Baseliner 2 Indoor Multisport Court ShoesAdidas-Men's-Baseliner-2-Indoor-Multisport-Court-Shoes8.0/10Check on Amazon
Adidas Men's Indoor Multisport Court ShoesAdidas-Men's-Indoor-Multisport-Court-Shoes8.6/10Check on Amazon
Yonex Court Ace Light 2 Unisex Yonex-Court-Ace-Light-2-Unisex-Badminton-Shoes-_-Ideal-for-Badminton,Squash,Table-Tennis,Volleyball8.0/10Check on Amazon
Adidas Men's Gumption Indoor Indoor Multisport Court ShoesAdidas-Men's-Gumption-Indoor-Indoor-Multisport-Court-Shoes8.0/10Check on Amazon
Puma Unisex-Adult Tenaz Indoor Court ShoePuma-Unisex-Adult-Tenaz-Indoor-Court-Shoe9.5/10Check on Amazon
Adidas Men's Quickforce 3.1 Badminton ShoesAdidas-Men's-Quickforce-38.6/10Check on Amazon

Best Shoes for Volleyball – Detailed Reviews

ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 9 Indoor Court Shoes

Image Credit: Amazon India

These are lightweight and modern-looking volleyball shoes. The width of the shoes is kept regular to give them a narrow look. Shoes overall follow a simple design but come in 5 different colour variations. The material used in the making of these shoes is synthetic leather. The toes are rounded and provide enough protection against collisions. ASICS offers a 90-day warranty on these shoes. The manufacturer boasts about using Flytefoam and GEL cushioning for extreme comfort while playing Volleyball. These shoes fit both beginner and advanced volleyball players.


  • Lightweight
  • Modern design
  • Easy to wear
  • Good traction


  • Shoes become loose after months of use

ASICS Men’s Upcourt 4 Indoor Court Shoes

Image Credit: Amazon India

These shoes are based on a synthetic leather and rubber sole design. They have the typical ASICS sports imprints on them. The shoe width on these is regular, and they use lace-up closure to keep the feet intact in them. As per the manufacturer, the upcourt four shoes offer flexible and lightweight support for playing Volleyball. The synthetic leather helps to offer stable support during abrupt movements and transitions without developing cross marks. The shoes quickly nicely retain their shape over time


  • Good cushioning
  • Retains shape
  • Comfortable
  • Relaxing to feet



  • It can feel a bit plastic due to synthetic material makeup


Skechers Men’s Multisport Court Shoes

Image Credit: Amazon India

These shoes are not specially meant for Volleyball but are court shoes. They can be used for playing badminton, Volleyball, squash, tennis and other court games. The mesh-based outer construction gives the shoes much-needed breathability for active sports. Skechers backs these shoes with significant 180 days of warranty. They come in three main colours, Black, Blue, and Grey. Skechers logo on each shoe gives these shoes vibrancy and appeal. Cushioning system inside uses memory foam that is similar to used in the mattress. This gives great comfort to feet while playing volleyball and other court-based spots.


  • Great value for the money
  • Versatile
  • Solid shoe design
  • Lightweight


  • Some find memory foam cushioning unnatural

Puma Unisex Rise XT 3 shoes

Image Credit: Amazon India

These are funky and delightful-looking shoes. The design speaks for itself. It is creative and attractive to the eye. And it has the backing of one of the great sporting shoe brands, Puma. You can’t go wrong with it most of the time. The outer portion of the shoes is made with synthetic material. The sole is based on rubber which gives these shoes the needed flexibility. The Lace-up closure of the shoes keeps them intact and secure at all times. It comes with 90 days of warranty. If you want to shine in the court based on aesthetics while being comfortable and steadfast, these are perfect for you.


  • Perfect fit
  • Look beautiful
  • Very Comfortable
  • Unique design


  • Some do not like its flashy appeal

Adidas Men’s Baseliner 2 Indoor Multisport Court Shoes

Image Credit: Amazon India

These look elite and can be wonderful volleyball shoes for you, although they are marked as multisport court shoes. These use leather and mesh material for the outer makeup. The rubber soles are versatile and keep their shape even after regular use. With good maintenance, these shoes can last for several months. Adidas currently offers a warranty of 90 days. These shoes need to be kept aside for deodorizing after volleyball practice or play.


  • Great stylish shoes
  • Comfortable
  • Good quality materials used in making
  • Versatile use


  • Bit expensive
  • Difficulty in tying laces

Adidas Men’s Indoor Multisport Court Shoes

Image Credit: Amazon India

These shoes have a simple but effective design. Adidas has combined both synthetic and natural materials at the right places to develop great performing multisport court shoes. These shoes have a medium shoe width. They are made to secure the feet perfectly and become one with them while playing court shoes. Any manufacturing defect is taken care of by the manufacturer if returned within 90 days. Adidas recommends deodorizing by keeping them in an airy place.


  • Very flexible and agile
  • Easy to maintain
  • Great feel and comfortability
  • Simple and Versatile


  • It looks cheap considering it is from Adidas

Yonex Court Ace Light 2 Unisex Shoes

Image Credit: Amazon India

These can be used to play multiple court sports other than Volleyball. They are ideal for playing tennis, volleyball, squash, and badminton. The non-marking sole prevents court marks and earns respect from other players. The polyurethane build provides the best shock absorption and helps the shoes to retain their shape. The design champions stability and is contoured for comfort along with the ankles, heels, toe areas, and other feet parts.


  • High end feel
  • Great value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Nonmarking


  • Shoes tend to expand slightly after 3 to 4 months of use

Adidas Men’s Gumption Indoor Multisport Court Shoes

Image Credit: Amazon India

These shoes look fabulous and have the best sporting appeal to them. In addition, the Adidas logo adds more character to them.  These are made with synthetic material but do not give a sense of plasticity. The material looks quite natural and feels comfortable as well. These shoes have a Lace-up closure and closed-toe. Adidas Gumption shoes are a well-known favourite among Volleyball and tennis players. The EVA midsole provides durability and keeps the shoe lighter in weight.


  • Best quality design
  • Sleek and lightweight
  • Great for any form of indoor sports
  • Easy to maintain



  • Some pairs come with a bit of excess gum sticking from the outsole

Puma Unisex-Adult Tenaz Indoor Court Shoe

Image Credit: Amazon India

These are one of the latest indoor court shoes from Puma. They are bright and have a clean vibe to them. The rubber soles offer the best grip in the courts and the needed flexibility for lateral and vertical movements. The width of the shoes is medium, and these use Lace-up type closure. Puma recommends deodorizing the shoes regularly and stores them in shoe bags when not used for days. These Unisex indoor court shoes are easy to clean. If any dirt or dust gets on the outer covering, a simple wipe using a wet cloth should remove all the dirt.


  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Great looking shoes
  • Good traction
  • Easy to maintain


  • Available in single colour combination

Adidas Men’s Quickforce 3.1 Shoes

Image Credit: Amazon India

These are a bit pricier but offer great value in terms of durability and comfort.  The shoes follow a robust design based on the rubber sole. The long-lasting durability comes from the synthetic material makeup. The Quickforce shoes can be worn for playing Volleyball, badminton, squash, and other indoor court games. The orange Adidas logo over the blue looks fabulous. The grip on the outsole is well structured and leaves no marks on the court. You can move easily in the court and exhibit your sporting skills to the fullest without any hindrances.


  • Feels great over time
  • Comfortable to wear and use
  • Versatile
  • Superior design


  • Laces get loose over time

Must-Know Things for Buying the Best Shoes for Volleyball

It can be difficult to pick the right and best volleyball shoes for your summer volleyball camp or leisure playing Volleyball with your friends. Regardless of whether you are an advanced or beginner player, you need to buy volleyball shoes that are properly designed and assist you with playing Volleyball by offering support for all types of movements across the court.

Below we have put together a comprehensive guide on how to pick the best volleyball shoes. We have covered all the aspects that you need to know before selecting a pair of volleyball shoes from hundreds of options over the internet.

Shoe Design

Volleyball shoe design differs from other types of shoes, including running, walking, and basketball shoes. Because volleyball involves constant movement vertically and laterally, the shoes need to be designed to aid that. Usually, volleyball shoes have three sections, upper section, midsole, and rubber sole sections. The rubber sole on the best volleyball shoes is made out of gum material. This gives the shoes much-needed flexibility and great traction on the floor.

As Volleyball involves jumping, it decreases ankle injuries by offering spring-like action to absorb sudden shocks on the feet. The midsole holds the foot’s ball. It assists players to jump and perform quick movements during practice or game. Generally, the midsole is made using air cushions, gel, or foam material to give flexibility and strong support.

The upper section of the volleyball shoes is made out of mesh or nylon material. Because these materials allow the shoe to breathe while giving the advantage of lighter weight. It also keeps the foot cool and reduces moisture. Select shoes that are a well-built rubber sole and midsole section. These are important parts of volleyball shoes that give you the best support and keep your feet safe from injuries and pain.

Shoe Lifetime

The extent of wear and tear on the volleyball shoes depends on how often you use them for playing. The best volleyball shoes last for about 1.5 years if you use them regularly for 4 to 5 days a week. After months of usage, players note wearing around the ankle support and loss of traction in the sole. This causes players to slide in the court and lose balance.  You need to

Shoe Cushioning

When you are looking for any type of new shoes, adequate cushioning is quite important. Because as a volleyball player, your feet will have to go through a lot of jumps and stresses. Wearing shoes without proper cushioning leaves your feet painful, and this makes recovery hard for the next day. You will psychologically feel exhausted and tired. Cushioning can be just standard cushioning or premium cushioning.

Standard cushioning is sufficient for beginners. It is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate or EVA, a rubber foam that is considered the industry standard in making volleyball shoes. It gives the flexibility of the shoe, keeps them lightweight and responsive. Budget-friendly volleyball players will find these useful. If you are a beginner and want to try shoes that are simple and then later maybe buy premium volleyball shoes, you should go for shoes with standard cushioning.

Leading and competitive players prefer Premium cushioning in shoes. When they play high-quality Volleyball in competitive sports, they need premium quality cushioning to support their movements and perform at peak level.


Feet balance is crucial for playing Volleyball since you will be moving throughout the game in all different directions. In addition to that having great ankle support will reinforce confidence for playing at a higher level.


While Volleyball is generally played in bright and warm weather, your feet require adequate air circulation during the game.  Therefore, Shoes with good breathability will support allow air to flow in and out the shoe. For this, specific types of materials are used, and you need to check if the shoe you are selecting has aeration features. Generally, shoes use high-end polyester for supporting breathability.


As volleyball players are constantly moving, heavy shoes will hinder the movement and slow down a person from moving fast and make it difficult to jump to the required height. So check the weight of the shoes, and if they are lightweight, make sure that they are also durable and can withstand regular use.

Examine how they fit

Volleyball shoes ideally should snugly fit the feet and stay as one with it. Also, a good thumb to follow is to have a finger width space between the toes and tip of the shoes.

Volleyball shoes are not recommended to be worn as casual wear 

Volleyball shoes are meant to be worn only on the gym floor or on an outdoor court. They should not be used as everyday wear as the soles on volleyball shoes are generally soft, and coming in contact with asphalt and concrete wears them out. You need to change the shoes after playing Volleyball or practice. So while buying a pair of volleyball shoes, have in mind that you won’t be using them for other use. These shoes will be dedicated to your volleyball playing or practice.


Volleyball shoes should not slip and slide. They should have the proper grip to support sudden turns and moves around the court. At the same time, shoes with too much traction might hinder movement. Overall the traction should be moderate, and you will know its effect on your first use. Over time the traction on the shoes starts to wither, and this happens due to the wear and tear of the shoes. This is the right time to buy new pair of shoes. When you are selecting volleyball shoes, make sure that they have proper traction to support your Volleyball playing movements.

Shoe weight

The weight of the best volleyball shoes differs based on the shoe size and models. Men find shoes between 300 to 400 grams comfortable on their feet, whereas women can wear volleyball shoes of weight in the range of 200 to 300 grams. Lightweight volleyball shoes allow you to be more nimble on the court. Mid weighing shoes are better for stability.

Marking or non-marking soles

As Volleyball shoes have rubber soles, they could leave marks on the floor. The type of volleyball shoes is usually slip-resistant shoes. Non-marking rubber soles, on the other hand, have their soles designed in a way that they do not leave floor marks.

Look for high-quality shoes

Many mistake high-quality shoes with expensive shoes. Cheaper shoes can also be well designed and made with decent quality materials. You have to look into the pros and cons of the shoes to understand the extent of their quality. When you are buying the best volleyball shoes, you need to check if the shoes you get will be properly sewed and good quality fabric is used in their making.

Manufacturers today use specialized materials to facilitate playing multiple court games in the same shoes. Moreover, you have to look for shoes that follow good workmanship and ensure that you don’t get swayed only by brand names or higher prices. The final look of the shoes should be appealing, and they need to look neat without leftover stitching and glue that will make you feel confident every time you wear them. Also, poor-quality shoes are notorious for causing blisters and cuts in the legs. Some have also experienced rashes due to the use of low-grade materials. Ensure that shoes are produced by a certified manufacturer and are not copies of a high-end brand.

Frequently asked questions on Volleyball Shoes

Can I wear Volleyball shoes for running warm-up?

It is not advisable to wear volleyball shoes for running long distances. But for warm-up running, you might wear these shoes. Many experts don’t recommend volleyball shoes for running because they are made for linear, heel-to-toe movement. They support quick direction changes lateral, back, and forward. The outsole can be slippery for running, and obviously, the gum rubber used on the shoes easily wears out when used for running overtime.

Are Volleyball shoes mostly similar to Basketball shoes?

No, they are not similar in many aspects. Volleyball shoes give a lot of cushioning to support aggressive jumping. Also, shoes are made flexible to facilitate multi-directional movements, and the soles are made of gum rubber. However, the basketball shoes are designed for running forward. Volleyball shoes are often compared to be similar to basketball shoes because both sports are played on the gym floor. But the movements involved in both the spots are different. So you need to wear volleyball shoes for playing Volleyball and should not use them for the other.

For the type of other sports, can Volleyball shoes be used?

Volleyball shoes might be used to play squash, racquetball, badminton, and handball. However, it is better shoes specific to these sports if you are playing them regularly.

Can volleyball shoes be worn outside?

We don’t recommend for people to wear volleyball shoes outside as gum rubber soles used in volleyball shoes wear out easily when coming in contact with rough surfaces, gravel, concrete, and stones.

When do I need to replace volleyball shoes?

With casual playing, the shoes should last for at least a year, and with everyday use, these should last for about 4 to 6 months. If there are signs of wear, then you should replace them to keep your performance up.

What are the different signs of wear on volleyball shoes?

Some of the signs of wear on volleyball shoes are loss of traction due to worn-out rubber on the outsole, failure of shoes to fit snugly on feet, decrease in impact the absorption due to damage to the midsole. Also, shoes start to expand and don’t fit perfectly as they used to when you bought them.


So the bottom line is that there are no one particular best volleyball shoes that fit everybody. You have to buy volleyball shoes to suit your preferences. Go for the shoes that will support your performance on the court and will last longer while keeping up with their quality over time. Moreover, do not believe that you’ll be getting the best shoes if you pay a higher price. There are the best volleyball shoes available at affordable prices too. Check the various volleyball shoes described above and pick the right one for yourself.