Previously, the limited options available for buying the best shoes for walking and jogging in India. We all remember the days when most used casual shoes for jogging, and it always didn’t feel right.

best shoes for walking and jogging in india

But today, there are numerous stores online that are dedicated to selling the best-imported quality walking and jogging shoes at a reasonable price. With a pair of these, you’ll greatly enhance your lifestyle. By walking and jogging in shoes that are made for these activities, you’ll enjoy much better results. You will avoid the discomfort that comes when wearing generic shoes, such as pain in the ankle, injuries, and quickly damaging the shoes.

To make the process of choosing shoes easy, we have reviewed the 10 Best Shoes for Walking and Jogging in India in detail below

Best Shoes for Walking and Jogging in India – Top 10 Shoes Quick Review

Model NameModel ImageScoreCheck price
Puma Men Ignite Flash FSPuma-Men-Ignite-Flash-FS9.0/10Check on Amazon
Under Armour Men's Running ShoesUnder-Armour-Men's-Running-Shoes9.2/10Check on Amazon
Adidas Men's Running ShoesAdidas-Men's-Running-Shoes-(1)8.8/10Check on Amazon
Nike Men's Precision Iii Running ShoesNike-Men's-Precision-Iii-Running-Shoes-(1)9.0/10Check on Amazon
Reebok Classics Men's Cl Lthr Leather Running ShoesReebok-Classics-Men's-Cl-Lthr-Leather-Running-Shoes9.0/10Check on Amazon
Adidas Lite Racer CLN Men's Running ShoesAdidas-Lite-Racer-CLN-Men's-Running-Shoes9.0/10Check on Amazon
Adidas Lite Racer Men's Running ShoesAdidas-Lite-Racer-Men's-Running-Shoes9.0/10Check on Amazon
Skechers Men's Go Run Fast-Steadfast ShoeSkechers-Men's-Go-Run-Fast-Steadfast-Shoe-(1)9.0/10Check on Amazon
ASICS Mens Running ShoesASICS-Mens-Running-Shoes9.0/10Check on Amazon
Puma Speed 300 Racer 2 Men's Running ShoesPuma-Speed-300-Racer-2-Men's-Running-Shoes8.4/10Check on Amazon

Best Shoes for Walking and jogging in India – Detailed Reviews

Puma Ignite Flash Running Shoes

Image Credit: Amazon India

Puma is a world-renowned shoemaker in the sporting shoe segment. Ignite Flash running shoes are known for their comfort and thoughtful design. These come in three colour variations, White, Black, Red, and Grey.

The rubber sole on the shoes gives the needed flexibility and traction for running. Due to their versatile design, these can also be used for walking too. These have a lace-up design with flat heels. The toes are rounded to accommodate all types of feet.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Breathable, shoes don’t smell after use
  • Easy to wear and tie laces
  • Stylish design
  • Looks good with most sporting clothes


  • The price might seem higher for an average Indian customer

Under Armour Men’s Running Shoes

Image Credit: Amazon India

Under Armour, Men’s running shoes are one of the best lightweight and breathable running shoes. They have an upper mesh design that offers good aeration to the feet. The mid-foot part is given a moulded panel for additional support and structure.

It has rubber soles with high-quality grip imprints and follows a lace-up design. These shoes are intended for running, and so these suit both casual joggers and those who are practising competitive running sports. The EVA midsole gives it a lightweight definition, and the slight rise in the rubber knobs provides additional grip.


  • Sleek design
  • Suitable for both hot and cold weather conditions
  • Comfortable and Lightweight
  • Available in 10 different colour variation


  • Few users have found it to be tight.

Adidas Men’s Running Shoes

Image Credit: Amazon India

Those who love the classic Adidas three-stripe design will love these shoes. They follow a beautiful ergonomic design that will add high-end fashion to your daily running. The soft cushioning will make you feel special and definitely will motivate you to run the extra mile.

The airy, breathable fabric used on the exteriors keeps the feet cool and comfy. The shoes are provided rubber soles with a reliable grip for stability and balance on the road. Eva midsole generates flexibility for your feet to move with comfort


  • Made with high-quality material
  • Durable
  • Easy to wear
  • Laces stay intact at all times



  • Shoes expand after few months of use
  • Difficult to get the dirt off Dove Grey shoes

Nike Men’s Precision III Running Shoes

Image Credit: Amazon India

Although these shoes are made for running, some have found them to be suitable for playing basketball. The shoes have great traction and cushioning. They look fabulous and go well with any type or colour of sportswear you might put on. They accommodate people having both narrow and wide feet.

Compared to other Nike shoes, these are very affordable and at the same time made with high-quality materials. Overall these are very versatile shoes with a unique design. They can be used for hiking outdoors as well.


  • Very comfortable
  • Fit perfectly
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Great Traction


  • The quality of material used in the sole could have been better

Reebok Classics Men’s Cl Lthr Leather Running Shoes

Image Credit: Amazon India

Reebok is known to make the finest shoes in the market. Rebook Classic Men’s Running shoes differ from other running shoes by their material makeup. These use leather as their base material. They look slick and complete, and due to this, some also wear these shoes with casual wear.

The lace-up design is very natural and easy to use. The shoes come with 30 days of warranty so users can get the defects fixed or get a fully new pair of shoes in the event of any damage. These shoes are available in 7 different colour combinations.


  • Comfortable
  • Fits perfectly
  • Well rounded design
  • Easy to wear every day


  • Quality of sole could have been better
  • Needs extra maintenance to dispel odour

Adidas Lite Racer CLN Men’s Running Shoes

Image Credit: Amazon India

These look and perform the best. Adidas has really done a great job in offering the best quality running shoes in this price range. They are built over a high-end rubber sole and follow a lace-up closure design. The upper exterior is made with highly breathable mesh fabric. With these shoes on you can always enjoy a comfortable.

The superior cushioning provided inside keeps your feet protected during a bump run and every stretch you make to cover the miles. The midsole is crafted perfectly with IMEVA material that absorbs shocks brilliantly.


  • Lightweight
  • Great design
  • Premium quality shoe feel
  • It doesn’t get dirty easily


  • Can expand with the use

Adidas Lite Racer Men’s Running Shoes

Image Credit: Amazon India

If you don’t like the leather shoe designs, this might be the perfect shoe for you. It uses high-quality synthetic materials in its build. These are known for their sleek design, and definitely, the Adidas logo on them is a catch for the eye.

The rubber outsole offers excellent grip and traction while jogging and walking. The outer fabric has perfect perforations to provide great breathability. Due to good aeration, these shoes suit daily users who would prefer less maintenance.


  • It feels super lightweight
  • It can be used in mildly rainy weather
  • Perfect grip
  • Very breathable and fit perfectly


  • Available in limited colour variations

Skechers Men’s Go Run Fast-Steadfast Shoe

Image Credit: Amazon India

This is a versatile pair of shoes that can be worn for jogging, walking, and training at the gym. The lightweight and moderately cushioned design has made this pair a favourite of many. Skechers boasts of providing 5th generation cushioning on its midsole. It definitely feels and performs incredibly well.

Since these are round shoes, you can do a solid warm-up before the run and straightaway get into the mode of running. The unique shock absorption mat provided over the insole keeps your keep protected at all times. The upper fabric is well ventilated to keep your feet comfortable and cool.


  • Great quality shoes for the price
  • Fits perfectly
  • Suitable for training
  • Well designed and stylish


  • Laces come off easily

ASICS Men’s Running Shoes

Image Credit: Amazon India

If you need a pair of flashy and special-looking jogging shoes, these ASICS shoes fit your description. They are quite intentionally made defining to the eye. These come in two colour variations. The popular one is the shocking orange or lake drive. These are based on regular lace-up designs and use synthetic leather in their makeup.

ASICS provides these shoes with 90 days of warranty. The round toe style fits all types of feet except if you have picked the wrong size. The foam-based cushioning in the shoe feels great and protects the feet against sudden bumps. These are definitely some of the most comfortable jogging or walking shoes you can get for the price


  • Amazing design
  • Very comfortable
  • Offers excellent value for money
  • Great quality sole


  • The product is made in Vietnam
  • Available in limited colour variations


Puma Men’s Speed 300 Racer Running Shoes

Image Credit: Amazon India

Puma is well-known for making excellent quality jogging and walking shoes. Unlike other shoes in the category that use either leather or synthetic fabric for the outer design,  Men’s Speed 300 Racer running shoes made with textile material. This makes them easy to clean and dry.

Another good thing about these shoes is that it comes with longer 90 days of manufacturer’s warranty. The lacing design is unique as the topmost laces go into the slits that are placed a level lower. Overall, these shoes have a jeans-like feel, and they quite nicely will support your jogging or walking at any time.


  • Stylishly designed
  • Comfortable to put on and remove
  • Easy to clean and remove odour
  • Long-lasting


  • Some find the shoe bit narrow

Various Things to Examine Before a pair of Best Shoes for Walking and Jogging in India

Although you might care less about the feat of shopping, when it comes to shoes, you have to spend time researching and choosing the right ones. You have to take into account various things to find the perfect and best shoes for walking and jogging in India. Below are various factors to consider.

The shape of your foot

When it comes to running and walking, both activities put your feet to the test. Examine your foot and identify the shape of your foot. If you have rigid pronation, you have to look for padded shoes. However, those who have problems with overpronation have to buy a supporting shoe.  If you have trouble with determining the shape of your foot, perform a wet test. This will let you know exactly how your foot looks, its border shapes, and contour.

To do the test, simply wet your feet with water and stand over an absorbing paper, preferably brown paper. This will leave out a footprint on the paper. Do not wet your feet too much. This will not yield the best results. If you cannot do the water test, consider the last pair of shoes that were comfortable on your feet.

Examine the shape of those shoes and use them as your default of buying a new pair of walking and jogging shoes. Also, decide whether sleek shoes or moderately bulky shoes fit on your feet the best.

Proper Cushioning

Cushioning is much needed in the shoes you choose, especially for jogging. It helps with shock absorption and keeps your feet protected from pains. At the same time, excessive cushioning can be cumbersome when walking. Walking does not require a lot of cushioning, and you have to find a balance when looking for walking and jogging shoes.

While selecting, check the description of the shoes and make sure that they can handle both running and walking activities. Good cushioning will make you feel confident while running, and you will be cover more miles comfortably than otherwise.

You could end up exerting a lot of pressure on the feet to feel it the next day. Also, people of more than age 30 can prevent a lot of injuries and problems with feet and back that might develop due to usage of shoes with irregular cushioning.

Overall the walking and running shoes you choose should reduce shocks and provide your fragile feet with the protection it needs. The impact of a hard surface on your feet should be minimal during walking and running.

While running, the surfaces generally are uneven, and if you choose a new trail, your feet will be put through new challenges and hurdles on the road. Proper Cushioning in the shoes will keep the feet in balance and prevent the feet from early exhaustion.

How often are you planning to wear the shoes?

Are you a daily runner or walker? Do you go on a morning or evening walk every day? Or are you planning to go on a run or walk occasionally? If it is only for 2 to 3 days a week, you will need moderately durable shoes. You can do away by buying shoes that are affordable and the best in the price range.

If you are going for a jog or walk every day, then you will need shoes that are robust and durable. They should not wear out easily, and their cushioning should stay intact. If you buy cheap shoes, you might have to replace them very often, and this adds to additional costs.

Make sure to buy something that will last for a long to avoid interruptions in your challenge of running or walking every day. This way, you won’t face interruptions with achieving your goals. Regardless of whether you are running to lose weight or you are challenging yourself to take up the next marathon, you will need solid pair of running shoes to achieve that.

The design of the shoe and the quality of materials used in the shoe decide how well they will perform and aid you with walking and running. Since you are looking for a versatile pair of best shoes for walking and jogging in India, the shoes you buy should be especially durable and flexible to support both activities.

And when you are using the same shoes for both walking and jogging, you will be wearing the shoes for longer every week and month. So the chances of these shoes getting worn out in less time are higher. Overall the durability of shoes depends on how often you use your shoes. So have this on the back of your mind when selecting a particular pair of walking and jogging shoes.  

Choose shoes with Adaptable Sole

Both are jogging and walking move the feet in different ways. To support both activities, you need a pair of shoes that have versatile or adaptable soles. When your feet exert pressure on them, they should be able to adjust to the shape of your feet. This requires them to expand and contract quickly.

Flexibility in the sole will assist you naturally through your jogging or walking. Here the size of your shoe is also important. Ensure you are buying the best shoes for walking and jogging of the right size. Perfect-sized shoes will snugly fit on your feet and help the sole to behave a flexible way.

The sole will bend sufficiently as you push your ankle forward and bring it back to a flat position one after another. The soles give the shoes their dynamic quality. Obviously, jogging will be more rigorous than walking. It will bend, contort and distort the sole much more, and so the sole needs to facilitate that.

So while choosing the shoes, make sure you check the material used in the making of the sole. Mostly Rubber soles preferred in walking and jogging shoes.

Shoes should protect your Feet

Outdoor pavements and ground can have different types of objects on them. During your jog, you might accidentally step on a sharp object, stone, or something that might throw you off guard. The walking cum jogging shoes you choose should keep you in balance, and even in the most off-balance moments, the shoes need to provide you adequate support to safely put yourself in balance and continue your action.

The shoes need to resist objects, and this requires them to be sturdy. They need to protect your feet and form a barrier to not hurt your feet when it encounters different types of hazards.

Also, it is important to note that using improperly designed footwear for long can damage your shins, knees, hips and cause pain-related issues. This overall could prove to be expensive. So do not shy away from investing in the best jogging and walking shoes that protect your feet at all times.

Check if shoes fit you properly

Walking/jogging shoes need to be comfortable on your feet in all respects. First of all, they should not hinder your ability to run or walk. They should act as one with your legs, and you almost should forget about their existence. They should become second nature to your feet while jogging or walking.

The best shoe always correctly fits the shape of your legs. They have a shape that conforms with the width and length of your feet. You need to choose the right size. When buying online the best shoes for walking and jogging in India, know the size metrics. Check if the size is mentioned in UK, US, or Euro metric.

The size number you know might be in different metrics. You might buy an improper shoe. Finally, the shoes, along with fitting nearly to your feet, should give enough room, especially near the toes, for breathability.

FAQs on the best walking and jogging shoes in India

Can I wear and wear walking shoes for jogging?

Walking shoes are generally heavier than jogging shoes. Jogging shoes designed to be lightweight and easy to manoeuvre along. However, manufacturers today are making shoes that merge the best of both worlds and create shoes that are suitable for both walking and running.

How long do walking and jogging shoes last?

The lifespan of walking and jogging shoes is relatively less compared to other types of shoes simply because they are used for both activities. Roughly, they should last for 6 to 9 months on regular use.

Can I wear walking and jogging shoe every day?

Yes, you can wear the same walking and jogging shoes every day.  Because the best quality shoes designed with high-grade material and design that can handle all the stress you might put on them during your jog or walk.

Are walking and jogging shoes that don’t hold odour available?

The main cause of odour in shoes is lack of breathability. Because of that, when you want the best walking and jogging shoes in India, they should be made with breathable fabric, which dissipates the maximum amount of heat from the feet to keep sweating minimal. Also, it is recommended to keep shoes in an airy place after a walk or jog to dispel odour.


If you have plans on losing weight or you are a healthy you in coming months, both walking and jogging are excellent activities to achieve that. But before you hit the ground, you have to equip yourself with the best walking and jogging shoes. This will give you the confidence to face hurdles and complete your daily and weekly mile goals consistently. In conclusion, while choosing a pair of walking shoes, choose durable ones, made of high quality, and those that fit your feet.