How to remove the smell from shoes

It’s very common for our shoes, socks and feet to stink when we wear them casually for a quite long time especially if it’s summer [...]

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Shoe size chart in India

We have compiled the Shoe size chart in India for both men and women. The table is for the informational purpose only for giving a [...]

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Shoe bite Prevention and Remedies

We buy our favourite nice-looking brand new shoes, sometimes it is indeed disappointing to know that the shoes are causing those painful blisters and swelling [...]

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How to clean white shoes

White shoes are part of everyone’s shoe rack and we admire our white shoes when they are brand new, stylish, and clean. There is no [...]

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Shoe Brands in India

Knowing the shoe brands in India will help us to understand which brands are considered trustworthy by most people for its performance and quality. It [...]

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